Club swimming was created to provide a positive atmosphere for those with a love of swimming to practice and compete together. Our team welcomes swimmers of all backgrounds, and currently boasts athletes who are were summer swimmers, high school swimmers, year round swimmers, and triathletes. Practices for a variety of skill levels are provided. The team also competes regularly in local meets, as well as at the annual, Nationals Meet at Georgia Tech.

How to Get Involved

While the ability to swim is necessary, all swimming backgrounds are welcome, and try outs are not required. Contact: for specific registration instructions, or for any questions.


Contact:  Amanda Tomasko

Club Email:

Club Website:

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Club Type:  CoEd

Roster Size:  34+

Competitive Season:  Fall, Spring


Practice Location:  Aquatic Center

Home Event Location:  Aquatic Center

Practice Times:  Monday through Thursday, from 7:15 – 8:45 p.m.


Opponents:  Clemson, Auburn, Vanderbilt, Mississippi State, FSU

Governing Body:  US Masters Swimming



Estimated School Year Dues:  $60

Estimated Spring Dues:  0


Club Classification:  Competitive and Recreational

Club Accomplishments:

Club Member Accomplishments: