University Recreation strives to empower participants to achieve balance, flexibility, motivation and a mind-body connection through Pilates Reformer. Enjoy the benefit of achieving your goals with a Balanced Body-trained Pilates Reformer instructor.

Monthly Class Registration

How to sign up for Pilates Reformer Classes

  1. New participants are required to register for an intro class.
  2. If you are a new Pilates Reformer client registering for monthly classes, please complete the New Client Paperwork. Completion of paperwork must be submitted before registering for our monthly classes.
  3. To register for Pilates Reformer classes, visit our UREC Shop.

Returning clients can register for classes via the online portal as well. Registration for classes will open two weeks prior to the first of the month and close on the first day of the month. The minimum number to hold a class is two participants.

Summer 2019 Class Schedule (May 1 – August 31)

Class Cancellations

  • 5/25 – 5/27 Memorial Day Weekend
  • 7/4 Independence Day


10-10:50 a.m. | Reformer Class | Michela

1-1:50 p.m. | Reformer Class | Michela

4–4:50 p.m. | Reformer Class | Diana


1:30-2:20 p.m. | Reformer Class | Diana


1:30 – 2:20 p.m. | Reformer Class | Michela

6:30–7:20 p.m. | Reformer Class | Diana


4–4:50 p.m. | Reformer Class | Whitney

5:30-6:20 p.m. | Reformer Class | Michela


12–12:50 p.m. | Reformer Class | Michela

Individual, Partner and Group Session Registration

Individual, partner or group sessions are perfect for those unable to attend monthly classes or are interested in an alternate day and time.

How to sign up for Pilates Reformer Sessions

  1. If you are a new Pilates Reformer client interested in purchasing individual, partner or group sessions, please complete the New Client Paperwork.
  2. Submit your payment via the UREC Shop or visit the Membership Office at The Student Recreation Center. Payment must be submitted before the first session can be scheduled. Additionally, both partners must pay before initial Participants interested in creating a group must designate a group leader to pay for group sessions and each member should complete the New Client Paperwork. Membership Services will only accept one form of payment for group sessions.
  3. Once paperwork and payment have been submitted, you will be contacted to set up your first Pilates Reformer session.

All classes are located in the Pilates Reformer studio located between the Women’s locker room and Personal Training studio at the Student Recreation Center. Pilates Reformer services require a membership to The Student Recreation Center.

Returning clients can purchase sessions via the UREC Shop as well.

Package Rates

Number of SessionsRate per IndividualRate per Partner

Small groups of three to six members are $45 per session.

Contact information: