Grab a personal locker at a University Recreation facility to store all your gear! Renter lockers are fully accessible and allow easy access to all activity spaces. Locker room amenities include hand and swimsuit dryers, accessible showers and bathroom facilities, vanities, and private showers. All lockers expire on April 30 of each year, so the prices below will be prorated based on the date you purchase your locker for the first time. For more information, please contact us.

Locker Rental Fees

Please note that all items must be removed from the Daily Use Lockers each day before your departure from the Student Recreation Center.

Facility AvailabilityLocker TypeRental LengthPrice
Aquatic Center
Z LockerYear$60
Student Recreation CenterShort LockerYear$40
Student Recreation CenterLong LockerYear$60
Student Recreation CenterDaily Use LockerDailyFree