University Recreation has teamed up and the State Bicycle Company to offer students, staff, faculty, and community members the opportunity to purchase bikes!

How to Purchase a Bike

  1. Go to the State Bicycle Co. website
    1. Pick out your bike.
    2. Pick out any options or equipment. (You can order anything currently on the State Bicycle Co. website)
  2. Fill out and submit your OR Bike Special Order Form.


  • The price will be as shown on the State Bicycle Co. website.
  • How does this save you money? Here is what the price includes:
    • Shipping/Handling – Up to $100
    • Bike Build – $50
    • Initial adjustments – $25
    • Initial Safety Check – $25
    • 3 Free Safety Checks – $75

What happens after you submit your form?

  1. After we have received your special-order form, we will confirm the product(s) are in stock and confirm the price.
  2. We will call you to take payment. You will receive two phone calls, one week apart. You will need to answer and/or call the Rental Center back 205-348-7045.
  3. If any of your options are unavailable, we will contact you to discuss other options.
  4. Your order will be placed after payment is received.
  5. We ship the product to the Outdoor Recreation Bike Shop, perform a bike build and initial adjustments.
  6. We call you to set up a time to come pick up your new bike!

Please Email Outdoor Recreation with any questions.