Outdoor Recreation offers a full-service bike shop for personal bicycles. Patrons can bring their bikes in for a wide range of repairs ranging from flat fixes to major tune-ups and everything in between. There is a fee associated with this service.

Bike Shop Services

  • Flat Patch | $3 each | Includes labor on existing tube
  • Flat Fix | $14 each | Includes new tube and labor
  • Minor Tune-Up | $25 each| Includes front and rear brake adjustments, front and rear derailleur adjustments, chain lube, and safety inspection.*
  • Major Tune-Up | $45 each |Minor Tune-Up plus hub, headset, bottom bracket adjustments, and front and rear wheel tires.

If more extensive repair is needed, mechanics will notify you concerning additional costs


Tickets under $35 will be worked on without approval unless the owner specifically asks for a quote. Tickets over $35 will require quote approval. Bikes requiring overhauls instead of adjustments will be contacted with appropriate pricing.

  • Brakes |$8 per brake
  • Derailleurs | $8 per derailleur
  • Headset |$10
  • Bottom Bracket |$15
  • Front Hub | $11
  • Rear Hub | $15
  • True Wheel (Straighten wheel) | $15 per wheel

Please visit our Hours of operation to see when the rental center/bike shop is open. Call 205-348-7045 for more information or email: outdoor.recreation@ua.edu