Undergraduate and graduate students, faculty, and staff have the opportunity to rent bicycles. These rentals provide a cost-effective, alternative means of transportation around campus and surrounding areas.

Bama Bike Rentals – How to Request a Bike

How to request a Bama Bike

  1. Bike rentals can be made in person or over the phone. Visit our shop (400 Peter Bryce Boulevard, in the circular drive facing the Rhoads Softball Stadium) or call the Rental Center at 205-348-7045.
  2. Bikes will be available for pickup beginning August 17.
  3. Please visit our Hours of Operation page prior to your visit.

Bama Bike Prices

$20 a month
$60 a semester

Bama Bikes can be rented by members of the UA community for $20 a month or $60 a semester (The semester begins the week before classes start and ends December 9). You can rent the bikes at the Outdoor Recreation office, located on the second floor of the Student Recreation Center. Once the bike rental period has expired, return your bike to the Outdoor Recreation office. Late fees are $6 a day for the first 5 days and $12 a day for six to 14 days. After 15 days the full replacement cost is charged.

Included with Bama Bike Rentals

  • Monthly Bike Cleaning to Prevent Wear and Tear
  • Bike Lock and Key
  • Please Email Outdoor Recreation with any questions.