Enjoy intramural sports year-round with University Recreation! Upcoming events can be found below.

Friday Night Series Sports

Friday Night Series are FREE to students and will take place from 4-7 p.m.

  • Pickleball|Registration: August 17- August 31|Event: September 2|
    Location: SRC Tennis Courts
  • Roundnet|Registration: August 17- September 21|Event: September 23|
    Location: Witt Studios
  • Table Tennis|Registration: August 17- October 5|Event: October 7|
    Location: SRC
  • 3v3 Basketball|Registration: August 17- October 26|Event: October 28|
    Location: Witt Center Courts

Fall League Sports

  • Flag Football|Registration: August 17-September 7| Season begins: September 11|
    Cost: $60 per team
  • Ultimate Frisbee| Registration: August 17-September 7| Season begins: September 11|
    Cost: $30 per team
  • Soccer| Registration: August 17- September 14| Season begins: September 18|
    Cost: $60 per team
  • Volleyball|Registration: August 17 – October 5|Season begins: October 9|
    Cost: $60 per team

Registration Process

Step 1: Create Your Team Online

  • Go to urecshop.ua.edu and login in using the MyBama portal and selecting Sport Programs.
  • This step does not guarantee your team a spot, day, or time in a league
  • More information on registration, eligibility, sportsmanship, and other guidelines is available in the Intramural Sports Participant Guide Participants are highly encouraged to review the handbook

Step 2: Pay Your Team Fee

*Your team’s place is not solidified until the team fee is paid

  • Captains or team members can visit in person or call the Sport Programs Office after signing up their team to pay the team fee.
  • Teams will also select jersey colors at this time. Colors can only be used once per division

Step 3: Fill Your Roster

  • All players must be on the online roster prior to playing, which includes an assumption of risk form.
  • Use urecshop.ua.edu to add players and complete paperwork
    • All players must complete a quiz and assumption of risk form prior to participating
    • Any participants under the age of 18 must also have a UREC Liability Waiver on file in the Sport Programs Office by 2 p.m. the day of their first participation. The form can be completed on the IMLeagues website.

Job Opportunities

Intramural Sports hires over 50 students each semester as sports officials. All training necessary to officiate is provided through University Recreation. Visit our Employment Opportunities page for more details!