Enjoy intramural sports year-round with University Recreation! Upcoming events can be found below.


SportRegistrationEvent Date(s)Location
Spike ballAug. 30 - Sept. 13Sept. 15SRC Fields
Floor HockeySept. 20 - Oct. 2Oct. 5 - 6Witt Center MAC Court
3v3 BasketballOct. 25 - Nov. 7Nov. 9 - 10Witt Center Basketball Courts

Major League Sports

SportRegistrationSeason StartsLocation
Flag FootballAug. 23 - Sept. 6Sept. 10SRC Fields
PickleballSept. 6 - 20Sept. 24Parker Huan Tennis Complex
11v11 SoccerAug. 30 - Sept. 13Sept. 17SRC Fields
Ultimate FrisbeeAug. 23 - Sept. 6Sept. 10SRC Fields
VolleyballSept. 20 - Oct. 11Oct. 15SRC South Gym Courts

Registration Process

With our new Play Pass model, each participant will pay a one-time fee of $20, giving them access to all of UREC’s intramural offerings for the entire semester. To register:

  1. Go to the UREC Shop.
  2. Click “Sport Programs”.
    a. Log in through the MyBama information prompt.
    b. Click the IMLeagues banner to access the IMLeagues website.
  3. Once on the IMLeagues page, choose to purchase a play pass, create a team, join a team, or register as a free agent.
  4. To purchase a Play Pass, click on “University of Alabama” at the top of the screen to access the home page.
    a. Click on “Intramural Sports”.
    b. Click the “UREC Intramural Sports Play Pass” icon.
    c. Sport Programs student employees pay a reduced price each semester.
  5. Once on the purchasing page, select “Buy PayPackage”.
    a. From there, select “Pay Now” and follow the instructions listed.

Job Opportunities

Sport Programs is always looking to hire Intramural Sport Officials. No prior experience is necessary, and all training/equipment is provided by the Sport Programs department.