Tide Strong offers year-round programming designed to improve your physical well-being AND strengthen your fitness knowledge. Fitness programs, certification courses, instructional workshops, and more foster community, sharing, learning, and progress through exercise and wellness opportunities.

To register online, please visit the UREC SHOP. You will be contacted via email to discuss any details pertaining to the class before the first class meeting.  If you are interested in employment with University Recreation’s Fitness Services, you will need to complete the training specific to your area of employment interest. To apply for positions with Fitness Services, please visit our employment opportunities page.

Powerlifting Prep

Powerlifting Prep is the perfect course to teach you everything you need to know about powerlifting at a competitive level. Powerlifting Prep will focus on form, safety, spotting, and scoring using national and international standards. This course will provide seven weeks of training in our private personal training studio followed by a mock competition to test your knowledge and strength. For inquiries contact urecfitness@ua.edu


1. Understand different federations of powerlifting
2. Learn to safely execute proper form for three compound movements
3. Learn to effectively spot teammates and provide feedback
4. Develop mental cues for proper technique
5. Experience a mock powerlifting competition

Personal Training Prep Course

Want to become a certified personal trainer? This ten-week blended learning course teaches all the necessary skills to become an effective personal trainer AND pass the personal trainer certification.

Learning outcomes include:

  • personalized program design
  • client assessment
  • exercise instruction and proper form
  • anatomy and physiology of exercise