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    University Recreation Membership Information

    To BEGIN a payroll deducted membership to any of our facilities please click here.
    Begin Payroll Deduction

    To BEGIN a non-payroll deducted membership to any of our facilities please click here and we will contact you for payment.
    Begin Non-Payroll Deduction

    To CANCEL a payroll deducted membership to any of our facilities please click here.
    Cancel Payroll Deduction

    If you are a spouse/partner/dependent (ages 19 and up) and need to submit a Par-Q and Release Form please click here.
    Par-Q and Release Form

    If you are a parent/guardian and need to submit a Par-Q Form for your child (ages 16-18) please click here.
    Par-Q Form for ages 16 through 18


    The Student Recreation Center membership includes the Robert E. Witt Student Activity Center and the Outdoor Pool Complex for adult members when in season.

    Monthly Membership Fees

    AffiliationAquatic CenterStudent Recreation CenterAll Facilities
    1st Year Graduate$12$28$40
    Alumni/Affiliate/PT FS$18$50$68
    Retired Faculty/Staff$10$28$38
    PT/Summer Student$10$28$38
    Student Family$12$28$40
    F/S Sponsored$10$28$38

    General Membership Policy

    • Memberships are sold per person, per month and do not require a contract.
    • Membership prices are determined by affiliation to the University.
    • All members are required to obtain a valid Action Card and UA parking permit.
    • Memberships are non-refundable.
    • Each member age 19 and up must complete par-q and release forms prior to their memberships being purchased and activated.
    • All dependents ages 0-18 must be listed on the parent/guardian release form.
    • The primary member may add a spouse/partner and/or dependents, age 16-25 years old, at the equivalent rate of his or her individual membership.
    • Dependents age 15 and under are free with your adult membership (excluding the Outdoor Pool Complex).

    Student Memberships

    • Confirmed on-campus students registered for five credit hours or more for Fall and Spring semesters, have UREC membership privileges included in their tuition. For each Summer session, only one credit hour is required.
    • Distance Education students and students enrolled in less than five credit hours must purchase a Part-time Student UREC membership at the part-time student membership rate.
    • To qualify for a PT/Summer Student membership rate the patron must have taken classes during the most recent spring semester.

    Family Hours

    • Members of the Student Recreation Center Complex may bring children (age 15 and under) into the Student Recreation Center.
    • Members must present their Action Cards and register their child/guest at the front desk. Children age 15 and under do not have to have an Action Card or ID.
    • Members must remain with their children during their visit.
    • Family hours are:
      • Fall and Spring semesters-Friday, Saturday, Sunday-ALL DAY
        (Children age 15 and under must remain with their parent/guardian at all times)
      • Summer semester-ALL DAY EVERYDAY
    • Access is limited to the Gym, Racquetball courts, Tennis Courts, Indoor Pool, Track, and Climbing Wall.

    Facilities and Rates

    • Aquatic Center rates
    • The Student Recreation Center rates
      • Includes the following facilities
        • Robert E. Witt Student Activity Center
        • Outdoor Pool Complex (for adult members when in season)

    Student Recreation Center & Robert E. Witt Student Activity Center

    For more information about membership, please call 348-5140.

    (Fees include SRC, SACPV, and OPC)

    Faculty/Staff Memberships | Non-Faculty Staff Memberships


    Aquatic Center

    For more information about Aquatic Center memberships, please call 348-5244.

    Faculty/Staff Memberships | Non-Faculty/Staff Memberships