SRC-Main Entrance
Welcome to the University of Alabama Recreation Center in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Below is a guide to help make your stay enjoyable and a trip to remember. We look forward to seeing you at your future event.

Rec Center Privileges and Rules

As a visiting team, a player may use the following, University of Alabama facilities, under certain conditions. We also kindly ask for you to observe the following rules while in Tuscaloosa:

  1. All players may use the Showers/ locker rooms-Please inform a Sport Club staff member if you wish to use these facilities.
  2. Alcohol, Pets, Drugs, and Tobacco are not permitted by ANYONE on the University Recreation Fields. We kindly ask that you pass this information along to your team, families, and friends, prior to arrival.
  3. Athletic Trainers are available for all home events and arrive 60 minutes prior to each game.

Assumption of Risk Form

Parental Consent Form (if under 19)

Map of Tuscaloosa