Spring 2017 Trips/Clinics Schedule of Events

The following trip schedule is “tentative” and is subject to change for any reason.
Trips are also subject to being cancelled due to low participant turnout.
The deadline to signup for a trip is typically the Wednesday before weekend of the event.
Kayak trips require a kayak session before the trip if you are beginner. Kayak sessions are “free” and take place at the Aquatic Center.
Call the Outdoor Recreation office at 348-7045 for questions about the kayak sessions.

February 18                 Tumbling Rock Caving, $35/$45
February 25                 Sand Rock Climbing, $35/$45
March 4                        Horse Pens 40 Bouldering,$35/$45
March 25                      Chief Ladiga Road Biking, $35/$45
March 25                       Lake Nicol Paddle, $15/$25
April 1                            Palisades Rock Climbing, $35/$45
April 1                            Sipsey Day Hike, $35/$45
April 7-April 9             Crystal River Manatee Adventure, $150/$170
April 7-April 9              Foster Fall Rock Climbing, $60/$70
April 15                          Ocoee White Water Rafting, $60/$70
April 29                         Ocoee White Water Rafting, $60/$70
May 9-17                       Wilderness First Responder, $550 without housing, $650 with housing
Prices are listed as: Members/Non Members

For more information about any of the trips, please contact the Outdoor Recreation office at 348-7045 or email at: outdoor.recreation@ua.edu