Commuter Bicycle Map | UA Bicycle Registration | Bike Safety Video

Some Basic tips:

On-Street Bikeways-Share the Road
Ride defensively-Prepare for the unexpected and plan alternate maneuver to avoid conflict.  Rules alone do not always protect bicyclists from injury.  Be Alert.  Be Visible.  Ride Predictably.

  1. Be Careful at Intersections [description]
  2. Be Courteous [description]
  3. Beware of Car Doors [description]
  4. Commuter Cycling [description]
  5. Make Eye Contact [description]
  6. Ride in a Straight Line [description]
  7. Scan the Road [description]
  8. Turning Left. 2 Options: 1. (Signal your intentions to turn left) 2. (Ride to the crosswalk and walk across the street). [description]
  9. Use a Pack or a Rack [description]
  10. Use Appropriate Lane [description]
  11. Use Hand Signals [description]
  12. Use Lights at Night [description]

Bike Laws and Bike Safety
Bicyclists are reminded that bicycles are defined as vehicles by Alabama Code 32-5A-260 (12) Bicyclists  “…shall be granted all of the rights and shall be subject to all of the duties applicable to the driver of a vehicle… except as to those provisions… which by their nature can have no application.”

  1. Dress Appropriately [description]
  2. Obey Traffic Signals and Signs [description]
  3. One Person Per Bike [description]
  4. Go Slow on Sidewalks [description]
  5. Avoid Road Hazards [description]
  6. Ride in Single File [description]