Residential Communities


There are many ways for students living on campus to be actively engaged. What better way to spend your quality free time than to participate in friendly competition amongst your peers on campus?! To encourage participation, we have implemented Residential Leagues in a large amount of our team sports for each semester. Throughout the season your team of fellow residents will play other teams from residential communities all over campus. Once the season is over, a tournament will take place to crown the top residential community team of that sport. This team will then have a chance to be an ALL-CAMPUS CHAMPION and play the winners of other leagues in a tournament of champions.


The registration procedures will be as stated on the registration page, with the exception of payment. When you sign up on imleagues you can claim RHA and state which residential community you are representing. You must also do this when you come to the office and confirm your league time. ALL PARTICIPANTS MUST BE IN A RESIDENTIAL COMMUNITY ON CAMPUS to claim RHA and compete in the Residential League.


It is preferable that we communicate with the captains of each team rather than a representative of the organization that is a designated sports chair. We want to make sure any pertinent information related to the team itself or all teams participating in the cup is communicated directly to the team leader. In doing so, we will utilize imleagues as our main source of communication. Be sure to check your CRIMSON emails on a regular basis, as all messages via imleagues are sent via your crimson email. Also be sure that any other contact information listed on your account is up to date so we can get a hold of you when needed. Please feel free to call the  Intramural Office during office hours for any other information. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION!