Greek Organizations


The Greek Cup is a way for the University of Alabama Greek Community to engage in friendly competition through Intramural Sports programs. Each year, there is a variety of sports within the Intramural Sports calendar that will include Greek leagues. Results from these competitions will factor into the Cup Standings. At the end of the academic year, the Fraternity and Sorority with the most points will be crowned Greek Cup Champion on campus.


The Greek Cup is designed for competition between all fraternities and sororities on campus. Sororities will compete in one league in their respective competitions. Fraternities will be split into two categories. The first category is called the BRYANT Division. This division includes fraternities that have 100 members or more in their organization. The second category is called the MOORE Division. This division will include fraternities that have less than a 100 members. All organizations must be sure to look at the chart below so they know which league to sign up for when registering for a sport.




BRYANT (101 members and more) MOORE (Less than 100 Members)
Alpha Kappa Lambda Phi Gamma Delta Alpha Phi Alpha Phi Beta Sigma
Alpha Tau Omega Pi Kappa Alpha Alpha Sigma Phi Phi Delta Theta
Beta Theta Pi Sigma Alpha Epsilon Chi Phi Phi Kappa Psi
Delta Kappa Epsilon Sigma Chi Delta Chi Phi Kappa Sigma
Delta Tau Delta Sigma Nu Delta Sigma Phi Phi Sigma Kappa
Kappa Alpha Sigma Tau Gamma Kappa Alpha Psi Pi Kappa Phi
Kappa Sigma Theta Chi Kappa Sigma Sigma Phi Epsilon
Lambda Chi Alpha Zeta Beta Tau Lambda Sigma Phi Sigma Pi
Omega Psi Phi
Alpha Chi Omega Gamma Phi Beta
Alpha Delta Chi Kappa Alpha Theta
Alpha Delta Pi Kappa Delta
Alpha Gamma Delta Kappa Kappa Gamma
Alpha Kappa Alpha Phi Mu
Alpha Omicron Pi Pi Beta Phi
Alpha Phi Sigma Delta Tau
Chi Omega Sigma Gamma Rho
Delta Delta Delta Sigma Lambda Gamma
Delta Gamma Zeta Phi Beta
Delta Zeta Zeta Tau Alpha


Points will be accumulated throughout the year and each organization will attain a total score based on the information below. The combined list of sports in the chart represents all of the events on the Intramural Sports Calendar for the Fall Semester. The first section of the chart lists the sports for both Fraternities and Sororities that will include league competition for Greek Organizations. The second section of the chart lists the rest of the sports that will be counted toward participation points only. A few other factors will go into accumulating or subtracting points which are explained below.

Max points = Champion of Sport / Min points = Participation
Flag Football 150 75 Flag Football 150 75
Soccer 100 50 Soccer 100 50
Floor Hockey 75 40 Volleyball 75 40
Dodgeball 75 40 Battleship 75 40
Battleship 50 25 Dodgeball 50 25
3v3 Basketball 50 25 3v3 Basketball 50 25
Golf Tournament 40 Golf Tournament 40
Volleyball 30 Floor Hockey 30
Quidditch 30 Quidditch 30
Tennis 20 Tennis 20
Racquetball 20 Racquetball 20
Table Tennis 20 Table Tennis 20
Badminton 20 Badminton 20
Online College Pick’em 10 Online College Pick’em 10
Flag Football Skills Challenge 10 Flag Football Skills Challenge 10
AOA Flag Football 10


In terms of gaining points, participation is explained as a team actually playing in the contest opposed to only signing up for an event. In addition to playing in that event with at least the minimum amount of individuals needed, teams must meet the standards set by the Intramural Sports program in regards to sportsmanship. These guidelines are laid out in the Intramural Sports Handbook under Section 8 (Sportsmanship). Only one team from each organization may participate in the GREEK LEAGUES for each sport. Multiple teams are encouraged to participate from each organization. We just ask that teams not competing in the Greek Leagues find times in the independent leagues. MAKE SURE THAT MULTIPLE TEAMS DO NOT SHARE PLAYERS AS IT BREACHES OUR PARTICIPATION POLICY.


In the event of a forfeit, a team will lose 15 points regardless if the sport is a league sport or in the participation category. Since forfeiting twice in the same sport results in a forfeit from the league or tournament, no points will be awarded for participation.


Considering the policy in our handbook in relation to league sports, teams must maintain a 3.0 out of a 4 sportsmanship average throughout the season in order to make the playoffs. Failure to do so will be treated as a forfeiture out of the league resulting in zero points gained for participating in that sport. For ALL tournament action, regardless if a season was held in that sport prior, a C sportsmanship will result in a 10 point deduction. If multiple C sportsmanships occur during the tournament, the same point deduction will occur along with whatever disciplinary action deemed necessary by the Coordinator of Intramural Sports.


It is preferable that we communicate with the captains of each team rather than a representative of the organization that is a designated sports chair. We want to make sure any pertinent information related to the team itself or all teams participating in the cup is communicated directly to the team leader. In doing so, we will utilize imleagues as our main source of communication. Be sure to check your CRIMSON emails on a regular basis, as all messages via imleagues are sent via your crimson email. Also be sure that any other contact information listed on your account is up to date so we can get a hold of you when needed. Please feel free to call the Intramural Office during office hours for any other information. THANK YOU FOR YOUR COOPERATION!