Summer 2 GX Schedule, June 4 – August 18

Click the link, listed below in ascending order from Monday through Sunday, of the day’s schedule you wish to view:

Monday    |   Tuesday    |   Wednesday   |   Thursday   |   Friday   |   Saturday   |   Sunday

 Class Cancellations:  Saturday July 1st – Tuesday July 4th

Fall 2017 Group EX schedules for all UREC facilities will begin on Wednesday August 23rd.

Aqua Daze starts May 13th in the Outdoor Pool.

Tuesday/Thursday Water Fitness Classes will be held in the Outdoor Pool Complex beginning Tuesday May 9th.

For all yoga and mat Pilates classes, it is required that you bring your own mat.

Mats can be purchased at the front desk for $15 and Bama Cash is accepted.

You must have a pass to attend a class.  Please visit our policy webpage for details.

Please note: Class time change

Class Descriptions:

Click on the link to view the Group Exercise Class Descriptions:

Cardio   |   Mind Body   |   Strength

For informational videos on the different classes please click on the link below:

GX Class Video Descriptions

UREC GX Patron Policies:

Click the link below to view the UREC GX Patron Policies:

UREC GX Patron Policies

Contact information:
Whitney Pape
Manager, Fitness Services