FTBT Spring 2017


January 29:  Sheen and John discuss various fitness misperceptions, controversial topics related to nutrition and exercise, and some controversial topics related to both areas as well.


Feb 5th: Sheena and John discuss various nutrition topics with Holly Grof of Enterprise Operations, who coordinator various dining options on campus.  Some topics discussed include healthy eating options as well as their extensive plan for dealing with food allergies.


Feb 12: Jeremy Henderson from the Office of Student Health and Well-being is our special guest.  Jeremy discusses with Sheena and John the programs and services offered through the Office of Student Health and Well-Being.



Feb 19: BJ Guenther, from The University of Alabama Counseling Center and host of Brain Matters on WVUA 90.7 The Capstone on Tuesday nights at 6pm discusses with Sheena and John the various issues surrounding eating disorders and body image awareness.



Feb 26: Sheena and Whitney Pape, guest host from University Recreation, discuss sleep hygiene and the importance of quality sleep habits with Charlotte Petonic, Assistant Director of Health Education at the Student Health Center.



March 5: Special guest Alicia Jackson, a physical therapist, discusses with John the importance of preparing to be a caregiver for your parents, your grandparents or anyone you care for who could use your assistance due to various physical ailments related to aging and injuries.



March 12: University of Alabama Head Softball Coach Patrick Murphy discusses with Sheena and John the philosophy and history behind the tremendous softball program that he has built over the years.  Coach Murphy talks about how he runs the program and how they seek to build the person before the player.



March 26: Sheena and John talk with Gretchen Moore from the Center for Service and Leadership about volunteer opportunities for students, faculty and staff.  They also discuss the various benefits to both the individual and their impact on the communities they are serving.




*Will update description of other shows as they are recorded.