The University of Alabama’s Water Ski Club has been existent for over 30 years. Skiers from all around the country enroll in the University to not only expand their knowledge academically, but to be apart of the University’s Water Ski Club team. The team has skiers of all levels, from beginners to world champions. We are primarily focused on 3 event skiing (Slalom, Trick, and Jump). Every year, our skiers enhance skills and are opened to many opportunities through Alabama’s Water Ski Team. With the motivation, drive, and enthusiasm that the members of our ski team possess, we are competing on a nationally ranked level and improving every year.

How to Get Involved:  Membership is not selective. Anyone that wants to join is welcome, no matter their skill level. For our competition team, there are 5 A team skiers per event and 3 B team skiers. Team trials for these teams are held the weekend before each tournament.


Contact:  Dason Maloney

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