Women’s Club Soccer competes in the Southeast Collegiate Soccer Alliance, Region II. The fall semester is when league games are played, typically early September through the end of October. Most games are on Sundays, with the exception of tournaments (including Regionals). The spring season is typically lighter, but with regular practices and games. Joining the team requires prior soccer experience and a high skill level, but is student-run and geared toward students who want to play competitively without the huge time commitment demanded by a varsity collegiate team.

How to Get Involved: Formal tryouts are held in the fall, soon after Get On Board Day. If you’d like to tryout in the spring, contact an officer for information. A fee of $10 is required to tryout. Club dues are established each year based on the cost of travel, uniforms, tournaments, etc, and are typically between $100 and $200. Check out our MySource page for contact information, social media accounts, and pictures.


Instagram: @ladytidesoccer

Facebook: @ladytideclubsoccer

Club Email: ladytideclubsoccer@gmail.com

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