The women’s soccer club competes against other universities around the southeast as part of the Southeast Collegiate Soccer Alliance. Most games are played in the fall, typically from early September through the end of October. Most games are played on Sundays, with the exception of a couple of tournaments (including Regionals in October). The spring season is much lighter, but we do still practice and participate in a tournament or two. Joining the team requires prior soccer experience and a high skill level, but it is student-run and geared toward students who want to play competitively without the huge time commitment demanded by a varsity collegiate team.


How to Get Involved:  We have formal tryouts in the fall, but if you are interested in joining in the spring contact one of the officers. A fee of $10.00 is required to tryout.  Club dues are established each year based upon the cost of hotel rooms, travel costs, uniform costs, and tournament entry fees.


Contact:  Jennifer Scheuer

Club Email:

Club Website:

Club Facebook:

Club Twitter:  @LadyTideSoccer

Club Instagram:  ladytidesoccer


Club Type:  Women’s

Roster Size:  25

Competitive Season:  Fall


Practice Location:  Student Recreation Center – Fields

Home Event Location:  Student Recreation Center – Fields

Practice Times:  Tuesday and Thursday 8-10 pm


Opponents:  Auburn, Georgia, Georgia Tech, Emory

Governing Body:   NIRSA

League:  Southeast Collegiate Soccer Alliance


Estimated Fall Dues:  $100

Estimated Spring Dues:  0


Club Classification:  Competitive (Compete to win)

Club Accomplishments:

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