Alabama Rugby was established in 1973 and is still growing as a program today.  We play 15’s in the fall and 7’s in the spring. We usually play 8 or 9 games in both the fall and the spring so there is plenty of action to be found as we often have both A & B side matches. Most of our travel is around the Southeast and we are only on the road for about half of our games.

How to Get Involved:  Everyone is welcome to join our team regardless of experience. We don’t have official tryouts, but welcome you to come practice with us for a few weeks to see if rugby is for you.  You never know until you give it a shot so don’t be shy; we have lots of new comers every year. Club dues  cover your uniform, travel, team functions, and union membership fees. You need your own cleats (no toe cleat) and a mouth guard. You won’t need to worry about dues until you get a few weeks of rugby under your belt, so don’t be afraid to try it out.

We have several coaches with extensive background knowledge of rugby, and are very competitive in our conference. Backgrounds in football, soccer, and wrestling translate well to rugby, but our team and coaches will help teach anyone the sport.


Contact:  Andrew Kallas

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