The UA Boxing Club is a sport club dedicated to the proper instruction and training of individuals in Olympic style boxing for the purposes of exercise, recreation, and/or competition in the sport. Our main goal is to train club members of any skill level in the proper fundamentals of boxing (stance, punches, movement, blocking, etc.) through guided instruction by our USA Boxing registered club officers and boxing specific drills.   As boxing is also a physically demanding sport, we also implement jump rope to train our cardiovascular endurance, as well as a variety of body-weight calisthenics to build strength. Practices at the Student Recreation Center are non-contact.The club is open to those seeking proper boxing training in hope to compete, as well as those seeking a fun and exciting way to stay in shape.


How to Get Involved:  Any full time student or staff member of the University of Alabama is welcome to join our club. There is no limit to the number of members we accept and no prior boxing experience is required. The 3 weekly practices on campus are primarily focused on athletic conditioning and boxing technique instruction. We also have a competitive team in which we have tryouts at the beginning of each semester. There is an additional fee associated with admission to the competitive team for coaching, equipment, and travel expenses. Prior experience is recommended but not required for the competitive team.


Contact:  Nicholas Meyers

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