The Aquatic Center Weight Room video’s were designed to show users the
correct and incorrect way to use the equipment. When at the Aquatic Center,
each machine will have a tag that explains what that particular machine is, and
has a QR code that links that machine to its corresponding video.

Bicep Curl Machine
Tricep Extension Machine
Seated Leg Curl
Leg Extension Machine
Abdominal Machine
Torso Rotation Machine
Back Extension Machine
Lateral Raise Machine
Seated Row Machine
Leg Curl Machine
Modular Power Assist Machine
Incline Chest Press
Shoulder Press Machine
Chest Fly Machine
Chest Press Machine
Lat Pulldown Machine
Angled Leg Press
Super Squat 624
Smith Machine
Cable Crossover

Aquatic Center Physical Address:
415 Bryant Drive
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401
Corner of Bryant & Hackberry
Parking Lot Entrance on Hackberry

Aquatic Center Weight Room: 205-348-3908