I. Purpose
University Recreation promotes a safe and healthy environment for wellness and disease prevention. Tobacco has been shown to be the single most avoidable cause of premature death and disability from a variety of cancers, chronic lung disease and cardiovascular disease. Cigarette remnants contain numerous cancer causing agents and discarding them can cause a fire and/or have other negative impacts on the environment and human health in addition to unsightly litter on University Recreation premises.

II. Policy
University Recreation designates its buildings, entrances and all related grounds (including parking lots) as tobacco free. The relevant buildings referred to in this document include the Student Recreation Center, the Aquatic Center, Recreational Tennis Courts, Outdoor Fields Complex, and the Outdoor Pool Complex.

A. Definitions used for tobacco free.
: includes inhaling, exhaling, burning or carrying any lighted or heated cigar, cigarette or pipe.
Tobacco Products: refers to all forms of tobacco, including but not limited to cigarettes, cigars, pipes, water pipes (hookah), electronic cigarettes, and smokeless tobacco products.

B. Those to whom policy applies: faculty/staff, students, patrons, visitors and guests.

C. Where policy applies: University Recreation buildings and grounds including: parking, green space and walkways on University Recreation grounds and vehicles on property.

D. Compliance concerns: Compliance is everyone’s business. All employees are encouraged to politely make violators aware using scripted messages. The Compliance process usually includes a verbal reminder, a written statement of expectations, and a behavior contract that identifies resources. Continued lack of compliance could result in termination of employment, student judicial sanction and/or revocation of patron/guest privileges.

III. Resources


1. University Recreation Employees-University Recreation employees in violation of the policy will be subject to correction action under the Human Resources Policies and Procedures or other applicable University regulations and policies.

2. Faculty/Staff (Non-University Recreation employees)-All other University employees (non-University Recreation employees) in violation of the policy are subject to revocation of facility privileges as a potential outcome for non-compliance.

3. Students Patrons and Employees-Students violations will be handled consistent with other student misconduct violation processes. Options may include referral to the Office of Students Judicial Affairs with potential revocation of facility privileges as potential outcomes.

4. All Other Membership Categories (including dependents of the above categories)-Potential revocation of facility privileges is a potential outcome for non-compliance.

5. Public/Guests-Day users and visitors. All employees are encouraged to use appropriate verbal scripts about policy. The policy will be added to the Day User’s Daily Use Release/Waiver Form.

III. Resources
University Recreation is committed to preparing our faculty, staff and students with the skills to assist individuals in cessation and in assisting faculty/staff, and students in personal cessation of tobacco use through departmental programs and referral to other available resources, which include:

A. Faculty/Staff
MD counseling through the College of Community Health Sciences (CCHS) and programs offered with the Office of Health Promotion & Wellness Counseling (OHPW)
Employee Assistance Program (though UA Human Resources Department)
Group classes-OHPW; offered through CCHS
University Recreation Quit Smart program
Free Alabama Quitline: 1-800-784-8669 or use the online counseling services at: www.alabamaquitnow.com

B. Student Employees
Student Health Center, Health Promotion & Wellness Department programs
University Recreation Quit Smart program

C. Members
MD counseling through the College of Community Health Sciences
Free Alabama Quitline: 1-800-784-8669 or use the online counseling services at: www.alabamaquitnow.com.
BCBS Quit Line


University Recreation encourages healthy interaction through active and safe lifestyle opportunities for students and the greater University community that strengthens learning and personal growth.