UREC Administration

UREC Organizational Chart

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Dr. George Brown [image], Executive Director 348-3994

Kristie Click [image], Administrative Specialist 348-3994

Kristen Durham [image], Director, UREC Services 348-0159

Scott Elliott [image], Director, Facility Operations 348-4947

Nancy Webster [image], Assistant Director, Business Operations 348-9319

Andre Love, [image], Director, UREC Programs 348-1337

Zack Tolbert [image], Assistant Director, Aquatics 348-6156

Dr. John Jackson [image], Associate Director, Fitness and Research 348-9144

Darrell Hargreaves [image], Associate Director, Informal Recreation/Event Management 348-5143

Brooke Turner [image], Assistant Director, Intramurals and Sport Clubs 348-3429

Dave Crutchfield [image], Coordinator, Marketing 348-2607

Mike Brass [image], Manager, Landscape and Grounds 348-5138

Jason C. Casey [image], Coordinator, Fitness Services 348-6261

Alexandra Sandoval [image], Manager, Aquatic Programs 348-0217

Vaishali Patel, Manager, Student Personnel Development 348-4145

Wyant Boreson [image], Coordinator, Sport Clubs 348-5129

Whitney Pape [image], Coordinator, Group Exercise 348-5131

Stephen Middleton [image], Manager, Outdoor Recreation 348-4701

Andrew Deere [image],Coordinator, Informal Recreation 348-7750

Scott Sharp [image], Coordinator, Informal Recreation 348-5895

Jenna Nales [image], Coordinator, Competitive Sports 348-6483

Ashley Sanders [image], Coordinator, Informal Recreation 348-6478

Charlotte Cade [image], Accounting Specialist 348-5141

Celeste Siggers [image], Coordinator of Membership Services 348-3146

Julie Davis, Aquatic Office Associate Sr. 348-2307

Kyle Kennedy [image], Account Clerk II 348-7041

Jeff Hall [image], Building Maintenance Technician III 348-5476

Jamie Joiner [image], Building Maintenance Technician II 348-8356

Dollie Gill, Graduate Assistant, Aquatics 348-1365

Sam Sugarman [image], Graduate Assistant, Intramurals/Sports Clubs 348-8055

Paul Killen [image], Graduate Assistant, Outdoor Recreation 348-6757

Brenda Hall, Custodial Supervisor 348-4857

Jennifer Brown, Drayer Physical Therapy 348-3904

Rebecca Taylor, Custodian

Samuel Lewis, Custodian

Darryl Cabbil, Custodian

Belinda Watson, Custodian

Larry Tucker, Groundskeeper

James Blakney, Groundskeeper

Stella Henry, Custodian

Pearlie Thomas, Custodian

Felicia Kidd, Custodian

Sam Lewis, Custodian

RayBrandon Johnson, Custodian



Student Recreation Center Location

Physical Address:
401 5th Ave East
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401
Phone: 205-348-5140
Across the street from the Alabama Softball Stadium and Capstone Village. In the same area as the Tennis Complex and Soccer Stadium
South Parking Lot Entrance on 5th Ave
North Parking Lot Entrance on Campus Drive by the Outdoor Pool Complex

US Postal Service Mailing Address:
Student Recreation Center
Box 870373
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35487
Phone: 205-348-5140

UPS, Fed Ex, DHL Mailing Address:
Student Recreation Center
401 5th Ave East
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401
Phone: 205-348-5140

Aquatic Center Location

Physical Address:
415 Bryant Drive
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401
Corner of Bryant & Hackberry
Parking Lot Entrance on Hackberry

US Postal Service Mailing Address:
Aquatic Center
Box 870387
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35487

UPS, Fed Ex, DHL Mailing Address:
Aquatic Center
415 Bryant Drive
Tuscaloosa, Alabama 35401