University Recreation Facility Usage Guidelines

** It is expected that each user of the University Recreation facilities recognize the role of modeling acceptable social behavior and contributing to a positive community. All users are expected to adhere to the policies and procedures approved for the Student Recreation Center. The use of any inappropriate language, gestures, or actions in communication with patrons, professional or student staff of University Recreation will result in the immediate suspension of SRC privileges.

Student Recreation Center Policies

1. All University of Alabama students, faculty, staff and Student Recreation Center members must present a valid ID for entry into the SRC during recreation hours. Recreation hours are listed at the front of this manual.
2. No food, drink, gum or tobacco products are permitted in the facility. Water in a closed, plastic container is permitted. Items purchased from Smoothie King are not allowed in the activity areas.
3. Children under the age of 16 may not use the Recreation Center except during family hours and must remain with a parent.
4. Proper athletic attire must be worn when participating in recreational activities:
a. Proper athletic shoes and clothing are required. Wear non-marking shoes in all activity areas (except natatorium and locker room).
b. Shirts must be worn at all times while in the strength and conditioning and cardio areas and should cover all areas of the skin, which come in contact with the fitness equipment.
c. Swim suits must be worn in the pool. No cut-offs or clothes in the pool.
d. Eye guards are strongly encouraged when playing racquetball.
5. Entry and exit of the Student Recreation Center must always be through the glass doors, the designated main entrance and exit. Individuals entering/exiting through non-designated doors are subject to disciplinary action.
6. No alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs may be consumed prior to or while using the facility.
7. Bicycles, roller-skates, roller blades, and skateboards are prohibited in the SRC.
8. Pets, other than guide animals, are prohibited in the SRC.
9. Headphones are required for personal stereos.
10. Facilities may be closed and/or reservations canceled when warranted (i.e. special events, maintenance projects, inclement weather).
11. Specific policies and room regulations are posted on site and are required to be observed. Verbal instructions from facility staff are for the safety and comfort of all SRC patrons and are to be strictly adhered to.
12. Unreserved Open Recreation activities are available on a first-come, first-served basis with shared usage and challenge rules applying. The designated Open Recreational activity will take priority over other users. However, Reservations supersede all other users.
13. Use of the University facilities is a privilege, and participants are expected to be exhibit proper conduct and respect the rights of others. Individuals who engage in unacceptable, unsafe or irresponsible behavior may have their access to facilities revoked, modified and/or subject to further University disciplinary action.
14. The University of Alabama and Department of University Recreation are not responsible for lost or stolen property.

Strength and Conditioning Areas

1. Proper athletic shoes and clothing are required. Jeans and jean shorts are not permitted as they may tear the upholstery. Boots and opened toed shoes are also prohibited. Tops must be worn at all times and should cover all areas of skin, which come in contact with the equipment.
2. No food, gum or tobacco products allowed. Water or sports drinks will be permitted in closed plastic containers only.
3. All dumbbells and free weights must be returned to their original and proper racks immediately after use. Weights are not allowed outside the weight room or personal training studio.
4. Weights are not to be leaned against walls, mirrors or equipment.
5. Collars are mandatory on all plate-loaded free-weight lifts.
6. Spotters are required on all heavy lifts; a staff member will spot anyone in need of a spotter.
7. Screaming or use of offensive language will not be tolerated.
8. Chalk is not permitted in the weight room.
9. Weight belts are not to be used on selectorized weight machines.
10. Cardiovascular machines are on a first come first served basis. When there is a wait patrons must observe a thirty-minute time limit.
11. All cardiovascular machines are to be wiped down after use. Patrons who sweat heavily are encouraged to carry a towel and wipe down all machines after use. Each user should have a towel at all times while in the S & C area.
12. Personal belongings are not permitted in any of the workout areas in the fitness area. All bags, books, jackets etc. are to be placed in the lockers.
13. Patrons should report any injuries or facility/equipment irregularity to the staff on duty.
14. No equipment shall be removed from the fitness area at any time for any reason.
15. Intentional misuse of equipment and facility may result in loss of facility privileges.

Steamroom and Sauna Usage Guidelines


Outdoor Pool Complex

1. Must have a valid action card to enter the facility
2. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. An adult is defined as someone over the age of 16. A valid ID is required for proof of age.
3. Proper swimwear is required.
4. The height requirement for riding the slide is 48 inches.
5. Outside food or drinks are not allowed, except for water in a re-sealable plastic container.
6. Protective undergarments must be used by all children who would normally wear diapers.
7. Smoking, tobacco, and alcohol are prohibited.
8. Running, diving and horseplay are not allowed.
9. Any activity deemed unsafe or "not in the best interest of our patrons" is not allowed.
10. Animals are not allowed (except guide/aid animals).

It is the responsibility of all students, SRC members and guests to comply with all rules set forth by the University Recreation Center. Any violation of the rules and policies may result in suspension of recreation privileges.

Children and Family

1. Children under 16 may not use the Recreation Center except during family hours (never in the Strength and Conditioning Areas).
2. University of Alabama students, faculty, staff and Recreation Center members may purchase memberships for their dependents. Each dependent will receive an ID card.
3. Family members must remain with their sponsoring member at all times. Children are never to be left unattended, even in the lobby.
4. Access is limited to the indoor pool, gymnasiums, racquetball courts, track, atrium, and locker facilities.
5. Family members are not permitted in the weight room, sauna, steam room or cardio area.
6. Family members are not permitted to participate in aerobic classes unless advertised as "Parent-Child" classes.
7. Family members are not allowed to participate in activities with other SRC members.
8. All children that normally wear diapers must wear protective undergarments (swimmies) in the pool.