Volleyball 2012

Women's Volleyball

Basic Information:
The University of Alabama Women's Club Volleyball team was established in 2006 and is growing as a program.  UA's Club Volleyball team is a great opportunity for girls who want to continue their volleyball career into college or just wanting to play for fun.  The club volleyball team is not as time demanding as the varsity Alabama Volleyball Team, but we still play competitively against other club teams from universities in the Southeast.  We coach ourselves and are very relaxed.  We try to make every practice fun while still learning the necessary skills. 
To allow as many people on the team as possible, the team will include an A-team and a B-team.  We will all practice and travel together as one team.  The teams are never set in stone and can be changed anytime during the season.  The Women's Club Volleyball team raises the majority of its money with volunteering, sponsors, and semester dues.  We are always happy to see new faces and are always welcome to new comers!

Contact Information:
Mary Gentry-President

How to Join:
Anybody is welcome and encouraged to try-out.  We have try-outs at the beginning of the spring and fall semesters.  There is a try-out fee of $5.  There will be two try-out sessions, but you are only required to attend one of the two.  However, you are more than welcome to attend both and you are only required to pay the $5 try-out fee once.  An informational meeting will be held after try-outs with detailed information about the club. Club dues can range from $20 to $60 per semester and they cover hotel rooms, tournament entry fees, and one meal per tournament. 
Practice Schedules:
We practice twice a week with each practice lasting two hours. Practice times differ every semester depending on the team's schedule.  We practice in the Recreation Center North Gym (the gym that has the running track above it.)
Competition Schedules: 
We travel to other universities and play their club teams.  Some of the universities that we could travel to would be: Georgia Tech, University of Tennessee, Auburn University, Mississippi State, and Emory University.  In the fall, we attempt to attend three tournaments and host a home tournament.  In the spring, we again host a home tournament and attend four or five tournaments.  Every semester these numbers will vary, because everything depends on the team's individual schedule and wants.  The entire team will sit down and decide which tournaments they would like to attend as a whole. 

The tournaments we attend are normally no more than five hours away.  We have to drive ourselves, so we try to not get too far from home.  Depending on where the tournament is, we usually drive to the university on Friday night and stay in a hotel.  We will then wake up Saturday, play in the tournament, and drive home after. There is a National Women's Club Volleyball Tournament every year.  The attendance of this tournament is to the team's discretion.