Alabama Rugby was established in 1973 and is still growing as a program today. Our most recent success is being the 2007 Deep South Champions. We have a fall and spring season and 7's rugby in the summer. Our official season is in the spring and so the fall serves as a good training period. We usually play 8 or 9 games in both the fall and the spring so there is plenty of action to be found. Most of our travel is around the Southeast so we are only on the road for about half of our games.

Contact Information:

President:Shawn Dawley

Vice President:Ross Depperschmidt

Secretary:Joshua Pinson

Treasure:James Puente

Website Information:

How to Join:

Everyone is welcome to join our team. We don't have any official tryouts. The nature of rugby tends to weed out those who are not committed. You never know until you give it a shot so don't be shy; we have lots of new comers every year. Club dues (which will vary) cover your uniform, travel, team functions and union membership fees. You need your own cleats (no toe cleat) and a mouth guard. You won't need to worry about dues until you get a few weeks to try it out and decide if this is for you.

As stated earlier, experience is not required, but it helps. We have two coaches who help us out and so you can learn the game as you go. Backgrounds in football and wrestling are definite benefits but still not required.

Practice Schedules:

Practice is Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 4:00pm-6:00pm on the Rugby field.