Our Vision

The University of Alabama Outdoor Recreation strives to develop competent student leaders in order to provide community members the opportunity for personal growth and foster a greater appreciation for the outdoors.

Our Mission

The University of Alabama Outdoor Recreation's mission is to challenge, educate, and lead the community-taking them outdoors, beyond comfort zones, and into a new way of life.

Outdoor Recreation Staff

Stephen Middleton- 205.348.4701
Manager, Outdoor Recreation

Brian Puccerella- 205.348.6757
Graduate Assistant, Outdoor Recreation

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Travis Taylor [image]

Cyrus Alavi [image]

Hannah Studdard [image]

Andrew Lattner [image]

Josh Gerber [image]

Lauren Gilmer [image]

Hannah Petty [image]

Robin Clarke [image]

Brad Bates [image]

Corey Dennis [image]

Lauren DeSeno[image]

Tim Seale [image]

Sky Congleton [image]

Austin Shirey [image]

Reed O'Mara [image]

Meredith Huey [image]

Karl Berry [image]

Laura Elsesser[image]

Brandon McChristian [image]


Kayla Frederick [image]




Bike Shop Mechanics:


Toffer Mohr [image]


Kyle Stephens [image]

Wren Smith [image]

Guy Able [image]

Outdoor Recreation office: 205-348-7045 email: outdoor.recreation@ua.edu

Climbing Wall: 205-348-7267


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Alabama Outdoors
Rock Candy
Southern Coalition Climbers


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