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AM2 is a high intensity workout that gets maximum results in minimum time.  Efficient.  One key ingredient to a good workout plan.  AM2, which stands for Achieve More Together, a philosophy on training developed here at the University of Alabama Student Recreation Center that combines some of the most effective workout principles, backed up by science and cutting edge research while also incorporating the camaraderie and social benefits of training with your peers.  AM2 classes, led by nationally certified personal trainers, incorporate a variety of different types of equipment and also include body weight exercises uniquely combined to help you get the best results in a short period of time.

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Available Packages

8 Personal Training Sessions


12 Personal Training Sessions


Package rates apply to all members - "students" and "other member status" alike; These packages are not available to non-members.


Fitness/ Testing Services



Skin-fold Body Composition


Bod Pod Body Composition


Micro-Fit Fitness Assessment




Fitness Equipment Orientation



Personal Training Services



Per session


Per session w/ partner


Personal E-Training (email based)


Small Group Personal Training


Personal E-Training (email based).

4 session minimum for prices listed above.

Meet some of our personal trainers.

Fall 2014 Personal Training Special-ends September 30, 2014


All of the above services have Non-Member Rates Available Upon Request.

Steps to sign-up for a Personal Trainer

Fitness Services Forms

Steps to sign up for Personal Training

Steps to sign up for Fitness Assessmnet

Steps to sign up for Body Composition Assessment

Personal Training Client Info Packet

Fitness Assessment Client Info Packet

AM2 Client Packet

Please print forms and return to the UREC Business office located in the Student Recreation Center.
For more information, please contact John Jackson at 348-9144 or email at: or Jason Casey at 348-6261 or email at:


Description of Fitness Services

AM2 Group Personal Training:

Group Personal Training consists of 3-8 individuals. One person will be required to be the contact/point person. This individual will turn in all paperwork and be the contact person for the personal trainer. All sessions purchased must be paid in full by this individual at one time. We will not accept payment from multiple parties of the group.

MicroFit Fitness Assessment:

A computerized assessment of the various components used to determine level of fitness. Basic Microfit assessment includes a cardiovascular assessment, blood pressure, skin fold body composition assessment, muscular strength test, and a flexibility test. Various other tests are available via MicroFit at the request of the individual being tested.

Bod Pod Body Composition Assessment:

An assessment of body composition through the use of air displacement. The Bod Pod is a non invasive procedure that requires the individual to sit quietly for approximately 45 seconds in a specially designed chamber. The Bod Pod is one of the most accurate measures of body composition available.

Fitness Equipment Orientation:

An opportunity to learn the layout of the current weight room as well as proper set-up and use of all strength, cardiovascular, and flexibility equipment.


Assessment of current workout program, help with developing personal fitness goals, and development of an individualized fitness program that will help you accomplish your goals. The consultation may also include some measurements that will assist the trainer in designing your personalized program as well as determining its efficacy.

Skinfold Body Composition Assessment:

A three-site measurement that is used to determine percent fat as well as lean body mass. Body composition is a useful tool in examining effectiveness of a fitness program as well as risk for cardiovascular disease and hypertension.

For additional information about personal training, please contact Jason Casey at 348-6261 or email at:
For information about fitness testing, contact Dr. John Jackson at 348-9144 or email at