Facility Reservations-Aquatics

How to Make a Reservation Request

Aquatic Facility Reservation Application
Review the Healthy Swim Packet

Download the Aquatic Facility Reservation Application form and submit at least 10 University working days in advance of the requested date(s) to be considered.

Applicants requesting to reserve an aquatic facility must submit this application, applicable forms, and all applicable fees at least 10 University working days before the event. University Departments and Registered Student Organizations submit application to Zack Tolbert at ztolbert@sa.ua.edu. Registered Student Organizations (RSO) must be registered with the Office of Dean of Students. All requests will be reviewed and the individual responsible for coordinating the event will be contacted regarding the status of the request, as well as all pertinent instructions regarding policies and procedures that may affect the proposed event.

  • View information about available facilities.

Still Have Questions?
For questions or more information about aquatic facility reservations, please contact us during regular business hours.

  • Contact Aquatic Center Member Services at 348-5244.